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Value Proposition for Our Clients
The Streamship advantage allows you to focus on your business while we bring you greater efficiencies through streamlined industry best practices. Using the latest in technology also allows us to seamlessly move information to all partners in the shipping transaction.
Client Issue How Streamship Increases Customer Satisfaction How Streamship Saves Our Clients' Money
Streamship Advantage
Heavy workload means manually tracking documents. All customer orders receive prompt attention. Decreased time needed to manage orders.
Streamship uses industry best practices to create a workflow enable application that bring the work to you.
Orders must be rekeyed into AES Using Streamship's AES approved tables means customers or employees can't enter incorrect information. Decreased time needed to rekey information.
Streamship integrates with AES. Orders can be transmitted to AES with the click of a button.
Individuals manually key invoice information into an accounting system. A direct link to accounting means your customers always get accurate information on their invoices. No "key punch" mistakes. Decreased time needed to rekey information.
Streamship provides an accounting interface to directly transfer information to your accounting system.
Individuals to manually create documents such as a certificate of origin. Customers now can receive documents at the single click of a button. This means faster more accurate documents for your customers. Eliminates duplicate data entry for different documents. This saves time and increases accuracy.
Streamship provides key shipping documents online in PDF format.
Our clients needs a communication log of when items were sent to the shipper. You can provide customers with time, date, and email address to help them track when they received various documents. Increases the efficiency of customer communications. 
Streamship provides log entries for all aspects of customer communication. Send a customer a B/L proof copy - and the date, time, and email address are recorded in a log.