Online Registration
The registration process at Streamship is simple and straight forward. You will be ask to supply some basic information. Please have the following information at hand for the registration process:
  • Your Company’s name and billing address
  • If you are based in the United States, we need your AES registration id. This is usually your company’s Federal Identification Number.
  • A three or four character B/L prefix. These are the characters at the beginning of your B/L number. It is safe to use your current prefix.
  • The B/L starting series number. All B/L numbers are incremented sequentially. We need to know what the first number you would like to use is. It is good practice to use a round number to start so you can easily tell your old B/L’s from the new ones created using Streamship.
Once your registration is complete you will receive a call from our account representative to complete the registration process.