Products Overview
Streamship is focused on streamlining shipping operations through the use of industry best-practices. We offer both steamship lines shippers and intermediaries a workflow enabled operations application. There is no software or hardware to install. Our mission is to standardize work flow across different disciplines within the shipping industry. We provide three concrete objectives: 
  • Standards for all parties to receive and send bookings
  • Standards for sending and receiving shipping documents
  • Standard methods of workflow management
Streamship knows the pressure all people in the shipping industry are under to rapidly produce accurate documents. We offer our clients the ability to increase their operational efficiencies by streamlining the shipment life cycle. Key to our effort is workflow. Workflow provides you with direct information regarding the current status of any shipment.
  • Notification of new customer bookings.
  • Hot list of bookings awaiting onboard confirmation.
  • Real-time alerts notify you of missing documents that could delay shipments.
  • Flexibility in functionality while remaining within the parameters of standards used by all parties
  • Integration of documentation to insure accuracy
Management Cockpit
Streamship’s web-base application provides both management and a guide for employees to gauge the status of their operations at all times at all sides of the transaction.
  • Forwarders and NVOCC manage work within their organization. With the same view as there customers in the same format.
  • Customers can see what work is due whether order fulfillment is complete, manipulate documents, and approve shipments for release all in real time.
  • Real-time reporting and logs increases communication. Allows management to see problems before they happen and increases accuracy.
Customer Portal
Streamship facilitates the direct communication between Steamship Lines Intermediaries and their clients by providing your customers with a uniquely customized customer portal. Your customers can access the customer portal to review their account and obtain shipping documents.
  • Empower your customers by offering access to critical shipping documents 24/7.
  • Save your customer time by offering secure online documentation with the ability to approve documents.
  • Offer your customers the ability to directly send orders to you. No re-keying orders like b/l instructions.
  • View Invoices online in a secure fashion.
  • Tracking of both documentation and individual containers.
Let streamship show you how you can increase customer satisfaction and decrease operational costs today.

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